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InVizible is a New York based creative agency specializing in the launch and expansion of new brands to, and from, Chinese market. Our team is comprised of bi-cultural creative minds and market experts comfortable and proficient in both Chinese and American culture.


We are deeply immersed in the music, art, fashion, and lifestyle scenes. On an everyday basis, we traverse the ever-evolving media landscape, and are communicating with the multicultural millennial, 24-7. We understand how they share information, what types of ideas inspire them, and why they choose one item over another. Due to our team's bi-cultural DNA and presence in New York and China, we understand you both at home and away.

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Identity Development & Positioning, Media Strategy, and Consulting


Full-Scale Production, Look & Feel Design, Strategic guest curation, Promotion


Creative Marketing, Stunts, both Guerilla and Digital Initiatives

Cross-Promotional Campaign

Partnership strategy, Outreach, and Strategic Alliance Execution

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Collaborations, Blogger Campaigns, Community Amplification

Visibility Opportunities

Coordination of speaking opportunities, trade show & conference involvement

Content Creation

Digital / Commercial / Social Media Content Creation

Celebrity Wrangling

Connecting, celebrities from music, film and sports industry with companies.


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 is NOT the translation of marketing materials into Chinese. We relate your brand to the Chinese market by extracting your most impactful story and seamlessly weaving in your brand’s identity.


is NOT by sending out press releases to Chinese media. We provide custom-built solutions, through online and offline channels. We benchmark our work not only on # of impressions and clicks. We, like a true partner in business, measure KPI by sales and profit.


 is NOT a traditional PR agency. We are your guide to the Chinese Market and portal for understanding how to execute business by means of cultural coherence, storytelling, media outreach, and product distribution.

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