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Pop-up Event Planning and Execution

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Project Background:


April 2019, China-America Cultural Exchange Ambassador Ms. Yue-Sai Kan assembled 20 Chinese brands to participate in the China Chic Pop-up, a 5-day event in Grand Central Terminal.  The venue design was inspired by Chinese landscape and implemented by utilizing modern materials and lighting effects. 


Project Execution:


In order to reflect the overall style of Chinese and Western culture, the design team chose the plan of “Chinese landscape” and used modern materials and lighting effects to create a fashion space combining Chinese and Western aesthetics. 


Visual Design: event key visual, event posters, oversized banners, event logo.


On-site Installation: Selected the most experienced and economic production partner. Communicated the design concept and the space layout with the production company to help the installation work go smoothly.


Event Promotion: Promotional material design, help event exposed on official platforms of the Grand Central Terminal, including its official website, the main concourse of the terminal, social media accounts, etc.