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Mi-Stery BOX x Guinness Challenge


Influencer Marketing, Event Planning, Experiential Marketing

Project Background:


Xiaomi, a well-known electronics brand in China, planned to boost sales of its popular product “Mi Box S” in the United States during the Christmas holiday season and attract media exposure and viral spread on social media by launching a large-scale activation at a landmark to promote “Xiaomi” culture.


Project Execution:


1. Idea Creation:Smartly used the concept of the blind box “Mystery Box”, which is now very popular on social media, and combined with the Xiaomi brand, the theme of #MiSteryBOX was created.

2. WOW Elements The location (New York famous landmark, The Oculus Plaza at WTC), the activation date (Saturday before Christmas),  and the theme (Guinness world record of most people unboxing simultaneously), all are amazing elements. This event is the largest and most eye-catching in New York during the holiday season.

3. Social Media Promotion:Collaborated with 45 Instagram and YouTube influencers including Cameron Dallas, a top influencer, conducted the “Unbox Mi-Stery BOX” campaign on social media and introduced Xiaomi products in the box. The total impression reached 28 million.

Project Result:

In this activation, more than 5,000 people registered online and more than 1,500 people were present, of whom 703 participated in the record-breaking unboxing event. Traditional media in the U.S. have shown great interest in this event, Including Campaign Magazine, Adweekly and other professional media, as well as New York‘s well-known radio station Z100, FOX TV reported this event. The total impression of this campaign reached 50 million.




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