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Mi Box


Event Planning and Execution

Project Background:


Dec.7,2018–Dec.8,2018, Xiaomi held a two-day “Mi Fan” Event called "Mi Box" to launch its new product “Mi Box S” while allowing more local consumers to understand and experience other products of the Xiaomi ecosystem and experience the “Mi” culture.


Project Execution:


Due to the short period of the event, we selected a venue located in the SOHO area of New York, where many trendy shops are located and have a high-quality natural flow.


We designed an interactive game to encourage visitors to know and experience the products, then they would be able to find QR codes on products and answer corresponding questions. 


After being processed by modern technology, the “Mi Box S” element has been applied on the interactive oil painting, prize claiming machine, and the secret entrance to increase the sense of participation for the visitors.


We also designed and built a secret room full of Instagram elements, adding elements such as dry ice and clouds to attract everyone to take pictures and share on social media.




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